Juvelook is a hybrid filler which have connected both benefits of immediate filling efect of HA (hyaluronic acid) and long-term stimulation of collagen production by  PDLLA (Poly D,L – lactide).

Thanks to the patented manufacturing technology, patent no. 10-1481441, no. 10-1725279, a preparation with unique properties has been created: long-lasting effectiveness and an increased safety profile.

JUVELOOK is a time-active hybrid filler with a concentration of 42.5 mg of poly D,L lactide and 7.5 mg of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

  • the only one in the world polylactic acid for use in the eye area, mesotherapy of the face, neck and neckline
  • its ability to stimulate collagen production in the strongest way and restore youthful appearance in a gradual and natural way.
  • no need to massage the post-treatment areas due to the round shape of PDLLA acid molecules and its combination with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
  • the durability of the treatment lasts over 24 months from the last treatment. The effect can be sustained by performing 1 reminder treatment after 24 months.
  • eye area: lower eyelid, crow’s feet, tear valley
  • forehead
  • mesotherapy: face, neck neckline

The effects of the therapy are visible immediately after injection. We obtain a filling effect thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid. After about 2 weeks, the production of collagen is initiated by the presence of PDLLA lactic acid microparticles. The effects of the therapy last for over two years after the last treatment. The recommended number of treatments is 2 or 3, depending on the skin deficiency, at intervals of 6-8 weeks.  After two years, we recommend performing 1 reminder treatment.

It is administered with a thin 27 g cannula near the lower eyelid or with thin needles, e.g. 31 G, by injecting into the lower part of the dermis to a depth of about 1.7 mm.

The product has been designed as a filler that works over time with a concentration of 42.5 mg PDLLA acid and 7.5 mg non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid. By adjusting the amount of the solution and the particle size from 10 to 40 micrometers and combining them with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, a hybrid was obtained that was adapted to the application of the mesotherapy method on the face, neck, neckline and eye area.

How JUVELOOK works?


Day 1.

Right after injection, JUVELOOK takes positions and immediately fills areas with wrinkles with HA material. Meanwhile included PDLLA microparticles helps HA hydrogel not to migrate from the target area by giving extra cohesiveness with its material property.


2 weeks

After 1 month, while HA starts to be hydrolazed, PDLLA microparticles support collagen production and lead to the improvement of skin elasticity. From this turning point, an advantage in the action of PDLLA begins, resulting in long-term collagen production.

3. maintenance

After 6 months

After 6 months, you can see the final result of using JUVELOOK. The product was gradually biodegradable and restored the skin's volume. From physical stabilization to newly synthesized collagen fibers that maintain a natural effect over time.

stages of the procedure

Mixing of the preparation

Add 5 ml of sterile water for injection to the vial. Place the preparation in a VORTEX laboratory shaker. After 30 minutes, the preparation is ready for use


In the case of injection of the preparation with a cannula, a specialist performs anesthesia of the injection site. In the case of large amounts of injections using the mesotherapy method, we recommend the use of a cream based on a 10.56% lidocaine crystal.

performance of the treatment

Performing the treatment with a needle or cannula.

differences in lactic acid

in the form of PDLLA and regular PLLA

Spherical mesh structure
microparticle PDLLA (JUVELOOK)


Broken glass structure
microparticle PLLA
Porous spherical structure
microparticle PDLLA (JUVELOOK)


Broken glass structure
microparticle PLLA

Features and benefits of using Juvelook

  • the only hybrid formula in the world Poly D, L Lactide + HA with particle size from 10 to 40 micrometers
  • effectiveness and safety confirmed by clinical trials
  • durability of effects – over 2 years from the last treatment
  • immediate effect – due to hyaluronic acid
  • safety – FDA and CE certificates for polylactic acid
  • patents and own clinical trials
  • particle size from 10 to 40 microns
  • comfort of the procedure – easy injection and no needle clogging during the procedure